Digitalization of the Byzantine Music - Constantine Priggos

The Project of Apostoliki Diakonia for the "Information Society" with the title "Digitalization , Scientific documentation, creation of a portal and CD - ROM for the presentation of the Byzantine Music archive" includes the electronic digitalization of the Byzantine Music treasures included in the Archive of the Archon Cantor of the Great Church of Christ, Constantine Priggos, aiming at providing Internet users with free access. The archive comprises manuscripts of priceless historical value , presented in digitalised form, 500 modern recordings of hymns of the 19 th and the 20 th century chanted by cantors and the digitalisation of 100 older recordings of Mr. C. Priggos. The Project also includes an analytical scientific commentary on the basic characteristics of Byzantine music, translated into English and Italian, so that it can be used by foreign researchers.

Apostoliki Diakonia of Church of Greece